Our School - Nature Play



Child-led play in the outdoors (nature play) enriches childhood with movement, with imagination, with friendship, and with all the sensory wonder that nature brings

It is a joyful part of a full and healthy childhood and it supports every aspect of children’s development including their physical and mental health, social and emotional development, the building of resilience and creativity, and their connection to nature.

Why Outdoors? Benefits for children who are exposed to not only structured lessons but more importantly play in outdoor environments include

·         More advanced motor fitness

·         Improved participation levels.

·         More diverse play and imagination.

·         Improvement in cognitive development.

·         Improved behaviour.

·         Improved health.

·         Reduction in stress.

·         Assists children in dealing with adversity.

·         Increased attendance.

·         Developing an affinity with nature and a positive environmental ethic.

·         Improved positive peer relationships and social interaction.

·         Increase attention spans.

School grounds development at Eaton Primary School has been a long-term project that commenced in 2012 and continues.

Grounds development has included a combination of expenditure options ranging from donated supplies to purchased purpose-built playgrounds and everything in between. Cost has not inhibited development of Nature Play at Eaton Primary as low cost options have dominated our Eaton Primary Schools natureplay development. 

Please click on the link below to view photos of Nature Play at Eaton Primary School.

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