Our School - About Us

A significant proportion of Eaton's population are employed in South West mining processing, local service industries and government. Eaton Primary School was established as the first school on Bunbury's northern fringe in 1967. The school steadily grew with Bunbury's rapidly increasing urban expansion reaching a population of 780 students in 1998.

Over the same time rapid growth to Bunbury's north has seen new primary schools opening including Australind, Parkfield, Clifton Park primary schools and Australind Senior High School. In 2000 the Glen Huon Primary School opened with the Eaton Community College opening in 2003. These new schools have had the effect of reducing the student numbers at Eaton Primary School with numbers further reducing with year sevens moving into high schools. Eaton Primary School enrolments now appear to have stabilised at about 400 students. 

From its beginnings as a small rural school of three classrooms, Eaton Primary School still maintains its local character of its earlier years enjoying continued strong support from parents and community. The Eaton Foreshore Festival which has been run by the school community since its inception in 1991, is one of the largest community events in the Bunbury area.

Eaton students achieve close to or above state averages on all measures of literacy and numeracy and staff have developed a strong reputation for quality programs supporting pastoral care. The school was one of the first primary schools in the state to employ a school chaplain, and with a successful socials skills program, it continues as the foundation of a caring and responsive approach to student welfare. Health and physical-education based programs form an important part of the school's approach with strong links to self-esteem, values and social skills programs.  Eaton is also one of very few schools to have it's own circus.  The circus predominatly performs at the end of the school year as a graduation show, but has, in the past, been invited to perform at other community events.

Eaton Primary School has also maintained a high profile locally with its excellent programs linking the use of computers with learning across the curriculum. These combined initiatives saw the school attain exemplary status following a formal school review in May 2011.